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The first Telegram poker room on TON.
Ton Poker
In TON Poker our TG community can take part in freerolls, paid tournaments and cash games. Our inner wallet guarantees you instant payouts.

Ton Poker

TON Poker is a new online poker platform seamlessly integrated into the Telegram app, designed to provide a user-friendly and secure poker experience. Launched in June 2023 by poker enthusiasts, TON Poker eliminates the need for additional downloads or registrations, allowing players to join games instantly through a Telegram bot. The platform supports various cryptocurrencies, including Toncoin and USDT (TRC-20), facilitating quick and anonymous transactions​

Bonuses and Promotions

TON Poker, unlike many other online poker platforms, does not currently offer traditional bonuses or promotions such as deposit matches or no-deposit bonuses. This might be seen as a drawback for players who are used to receiving these incentives​

Game Variety

TON Poker offers a focused yet somewhat limited variety of poker games. Here's a detailed overview of the game variety available on the platform:

  1. Texas Holdem:
    • Stakes: The primary game available on TON Poker is Texas Holdem. The platform offers low to mid-stakes games. The stakes range from as low as $0.02/$0.05 to mid-stakes of $0.50/$1. Higher stakes such as $1/$2 and $2/$5 are also available but less frequently played​.
    • Table Sizes: Holdem tables are available in both 6-max and 9-max formats, providing options for different player preferences​.
  2. Pot Limit Omaha (PLO):
    • PLO4 and PLO5: Although not currently available, the platform plans to introduce Pot Limit Omaha games, specifically PLO4 (four-card Omaha) and PLO5 (five-card Omaha), in the future.
    • Table Sizes: When introduced, PLO tables are expected to be available in 6-max formats​.
  3. Tournaments:
    • Limited Tournaments: The platform does host some tournaments, but they are primarily low-stakes with small guaranteed prizes. The tournament offerings are limited, and there is no extensive schedule of large, multi-table tournaments (MTTs) currently​.
  4. Freerolls:
    • Freeroll Tournaments: TON Poker offers freeroll tournaments, which allow players to participate without an entry fee for a chance to win cash prizes. This can be a good starting point for new players looking to build their bankroll without risking any money.
  5. Game Features:
    • Customization and Utility: The tables include standard features such as action buttons, bet sliders, game chat, hand replays, and the ability to view undealt cards (a unique feature that comes with a cost).
    • Multi-Table Options: The platform does not currently support heads-up tables or fast-fold poker options, focusing instead on traditional table formats.

Community and Convenience

While it lacks traditional bonuses, TON Poker emphasizes a community-driven approach and convenience. The platform is integrated into Telegram, requiring no downloads or lengthy registration processes. This streamlined experience can be particularly appealing for players who value ease of access and anonymity​

Instant Transactions

One of the key features of TON Poker is its ability to handle instant deposits and withdrawals through cryptocurrencies, particularly USDT (TRC-20). This ensures that players can quickly access their funds, which can be a significant advantage over other platforms that may have longer processing times​

User Experience and Accessibility

TON Poker is designed to provide a seamless and highly accessible user experience, making it a convenient option for poker enthusiasts. The platform is fully integrated with the Telegram app, allowing users to start playing poker without the need for additional downloads or complex registration processes. By using a Telegram bot, players can join games directly, making the onboarding process simple and efficient. The interface is intuitive, with clear navigational buttons for different sections such as cash games, free games, tournaments, and more, ensuring easy access to desired games.

The gameplay on TON Poker is optimized for smooth performance across various devices, including PCs, Android, MacOS, and iOS. The platform avoids heavy graphics and unnecessary features, resulting in quick loading times and minimal lag. Essential poker features such as action buttons, bet sliders, game chat, and hand replays are included, enhancing the playing experience without overwhelming users.

TON Poker eliminates the need for registration or identity verification, using the player’s Telegram nickname to ensure anonymity and simplify access. Deposits and withdrawals are seamlessly handled within the platform using a variety of cryptocurrencies, with integration with TON wallets reducing the risk of errors and enhancing security.

Licensing and Security

TON Poker, integrated within the Telegram app, has specific considerations regarding licensing and security that potential users should be aware of.


As of now, TON Poker does not prominently display information about any specific licensing. This absence raises concerns about regulatory oversight and compliance with industry standards. Typically, reputable online poker platforms operate under licenses from recognized regulatory bodies. These licenses ensure that the platform adheres to strict standards for fairness, security, and responsible gaming. The lack of such licensing information for TON Poker means that users should exercise caution and be aware of the potential risks involved in playing on an unlicensed platform.


Regarding security, TON Poker currently has several areas of concern:

  1. Absence of RNG Certification: Random Number Generator (RNG) certification is crucial for ensuring fair play in online poker by guaranteeing that card dealing is random and unbiased. TON Poker does not have an RNG certification, which raises questions about the fairness and integrity of the games offered.
  2. Lack of Dedicated Security Team: Unlike many established poker platforms that have dedicated security teams to monitor and prevent cheating and fraud, TON Poker does not have such a team. This absence can lead to vulnerabilities and increase the risk of cheating attempts, which is a significant downside for serious players concerned about fair competition.
  3. Cryptocurrency Transactions: While the platform supports cryptocurrency transactions, which can enhance security through blockchain technology, it also comes with its own set of risks. Users must ensure they are familiar with the security practices related to handling cryptocurrencies to avoid potential pitfalls such as entering incorrect addresses or using insecure networks for transactions.
  4. User Anonymity: While user anonymity through Telegram nicknames provides a layer of privacy, it also makes it challenging to enforce accountability and prevent fraudulent activities. The platform's ease of access without registration or verification can be a double-edged sword, offering convenience at the expense of security​.


Ease of Access: TON Poker is fully integrated with the Telegram app, allowing players to join games without downloading additional software or undergoing complex registration processes. This makes it extremely convenient and user-friendly​​.

User Privacy: Players use their Telegram nicknames, which helps maintain anonymity. There is no need for personal verification or identity checks, which can be a significant advantage for those valuing privacy​​.

Cryptocurrency Support: The platform supports instant deposits and withdrawals using various cryptocurrencies, particularly USDT (TRC-20). This ensures quick access to funds, eliminating the delays associated with traditional banking methods​​.

Engaging Community: TON Poker fosters a strong community atmosphere within Telegram, where players can interact and share experiences. This can enhance the overall playing experience and make it more enjoyable​.

Multi-Platform Support: The platform is accessible on a wide range of devices, including mobile phones (iOS and Android), desktop computers (Windows, MacOS, Linux), and even through the Telegram web interface. This broad compatibility ensures that players can play on their preferred devices without issues.


Security Issues:

No RNG Certification: The platform lacks Random Number Generator (RNG) certification, which is crucial for ensuring fair play. This raises questions about the integrity of the games offered​.
No Dedicated Security Team: The absence of a dedicated security team to monitor and prevent cheating and fraud is a significant downside, increasing the risk of unfair play.

Few Game Options: Currently, TON Poker mainly offers Texas Holdem with plans to introduce Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) in the future. The game variety is limited compared to other platforms that offer a wider range of poker variants and formats.

Lack of Promotions: Unlike many other poker platforms, TON Poker does not offer standard bonuses such as first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, or no-deposit bonuses. This could be a drawback for players who are accustomed to receiving these incentives​.

Potential Security Risks with Cryptocurrencies: While cryptocurrency transactions can be secure, they also come with risks, especially for users unfamiliar with handling digital assets. Mistakes in transactions, such as entering wrong addresses, can lead to loss of funds.

Questions and Answers

Q What is TON Poker and how does it work?

A: TON Poker is an online poker platform integrated within the Telegram app. It allows users to play poker games directly through a Telegram bot without the need for additional downloads or registration processes. Players can join games, make deposits, and withdraw winnings using cryptocurrencies, especially USDT (TRC-20). The platform is designed to be highly accessible, user-friendly, and community-driven​​.

Q What types of poker games are available on TON Poker?

A: Currently, TON Poker primarily offers Texas Holdem in low to mid-stakes formats. There are 6-max and 9-max table options available. Although Pot Limit Omaha (PLO4 and PLO5) is not yet available, there are plans to introduce these formats in the future. The platform also offers freeroll tournaments and some low-stakes paid tournaments.

Q How do deposits and withdrawals work on TON Poker?

A: Deposits and withdrawals on TON Poker are handled through various cryptocurrencies, with USDT (TRC-20) being the primary currency for gameplay. Transactions are processed instantly, providing quick access to funds. Users can connect their TON wallets to facilitate easy and secure transactions without needing to enter blockchain addresses manually​.

Q Is TON Poker licensed and secure?

A: TON Poker currently does not provide information about any specific licensing from recognized regulatory bodies, which raises concerns about regulatory oversight. Additionally, the platform lacks a Random Number Generator (RNG) certification and does not have a dedicated security team to monitor and prevent cheating. These factors can pose potential risks for users regarding fairness and security​.

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Miloš Savić (Milo)

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